Dikoda is a growing network of professionals experienced in public health and applied research. We are driven by the idea that small, good ideas can lead to big change… if applied at the right time in the right place. As a small organisation, we are agile, ready to tackle new problems and ready to bring new ways of thinking to difficult challenges.

Dr Sophie Goudet is the Managing Director of Dikoda Ltd. Sophie is a researcher/technical advisor in nutrition and a visiting fellow in Global Urban Nutrition at Loughborough University, UK. She has over twenty years’ experience working for international agencies in nutrition and health of low-and middle-income countries in Asia and Africa and 12 years of management experience at senior management roles. Sophie holds a PHD (UK), MBA (USA), MSC (France) and has published multiple academic papers.

Dikoda employs high-level researchers and global experts to provide technical and research assistance.

Specifically, the current team members have strong experience and technical expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of public nutrition policies
  • Technical capacity building, especially related to urban interventions with a focus on maternal and child nutrition and food systems interventions.
  •  Design and implementation of large-scale nutrition research
  • Public health surveillance and research, globally and in the selected countries
  • Technical assistance for urban nutrition research and programme implementation with extensive experience in multi-stakeholder and multi countries engagement
  •  Tools and guidance development, capacity building and mentoring of professional staff
  • Analytical, writing, communication and facilitation skills

Most of our team are women and we give preferred opportunities to women junior researchers.

We are currently working with research teams and partners in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Pakistan.

Equitable Research Partnerships at Dikoda

At Dikoda, we believe in equitable research partnerships and we strongly oppose double standards in research. We have therefore adopted the Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings.

At Dikoda, we believe in equitable research partnerships and we strongly oppose double standards in research. We have therefore adopted the Global Code of Conduct for Research in Resource-Poor Settings.

Our Team

Rini Astrianif

Researcher Consultant

Projects: FAO, WFP

Swan Pyae Oo

Urban researcher consultant

Projects: FAO, UNOPS

Dina Farhana


Projects: FAO, UNICEF, WFP

Jeline Marie M. Corpuz

Researcher Consultant

Projects: FAO, WFP

Mere Nailatikau

Communications, Research Consultant

Projects: UNICEF

Vittoria Pasca

Nutrition Consultant

Projects: DIKODA

Asaeli Naika

National researcher

Projects: UNICEF

Viola Lesi

Researcher and learning expert


Dr Ana Irache


Projects: UNICEF

Dr Heather Ohly

Research Fellow & Research Consultant

Projects: UNOPS, WFP

Dr Benjamin Boxer



Dr Ursula Truebswasser

Researcher food system

Projects: UNICEF

R. Danielle Chekaraou

Social and Behavior Change Consultant

Projects: SEQUA

Damith Chandrasenage

Data analyst


Dr Carolyn Imelda Auma

Researcher consultant

Projects: FAO

Cori Park

Graphic designer

Projects: UNICEF

Professor Paula Griffiths

Senior researcher consultant

Projects: FAO

David W. Wambui

Data analyst

Projects: FAO

Dr Emma Haycraft

Senior researcher consultant

Projects: FAO

Dr Emily Rousham

Senior researcher consultant

Projects: FAO

Michelle Latham

Spatial Analyst and Urban Researcher Consultant

Projects: FAO

Megan Stanley

Researcher consultant

Projects: FAO

Geoffrey Goddard

Copy editor


Sonja Read

Nutrition Consultant

Projects: WFP

Dr Didier G. Leibovici

Senior data analyst

Projects: UNICEF

Dr Sophie Goudet

Managing director


Naomi Klaver

Researcher assistant

Projects: UNICEF

Join our team!

Here is the type of jobs we often advertise for: public health, nutritionist, food security, food systems, urban planner experts, data analyst, data visualization experts, spatial analysts.

Our customers

Our customers are international and national development actors in Asia and the Pacific, including governments, UN agencies, NGOs and a diverse range of actors in private sector.

Dikoda will seek to support customers with the following key issues:

  • Poor data quality
  • Poor research or M&E design/plan
  • No evidence of impact on nutrition and health outcomes

Our target customers are organisations that want professional experts that can pull together teams quickly and get results within timeframes.

Our geographic coverage

Dikoda Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with a head office in London.  The company is seeking to expand in Asia and the Pacific and setup local offices and team to improve engagement with clients and ensure quality work is adapted to local contexts.

In Asia and the Pacific, we currently aim to:

  • Expand operations in the Pacific Region
  • Establish effective localised teams of experts to support achievement of the company’s mission
  • Continue to innovate in delivery of products and services that can strengthen public health

We arecurrentlyworking in :

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