Asaeli Naika

National researcher

Region: Pacific

Asaeli is a Fiji-based nutrition professional with interests between the intersections of sustainable food systems, climate change adaptations, disaster risk reduction/ management, and nutrition in emergencies (NiE). He has worked in Government as public health nutritionist with work experience in nutrition policy and planning, national surveys, food and nutrition-related research, post-disaster nutrition assessments, IYCF, school nutrition, workplace wellness, food security and agriculture. He has also worked in FAO Fiji as food processing and preservation specialist (under a pro-resilience project in 100 communities in 2019-2020), national technical expert in agriculture (under three post-cyclone emergency projects in 2021), and data harmonization specialist (under the FAO/WHO GIFT project early 2022). He is currently a first year Masters candidate in Fiji National University and his research is focussed on nutritional analysis and antioxidant potential of unprofiled and underutilized indigenous leafy vegetables of Fiji. Asaeli holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Science (in Biology) and a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Chemistry and Food and Nutritional Sciences) from the University of the South Pacific. Other interests, as a public nutritionist, include low-carb, ketogenic, and fasting lifestyle interventions for improved nutrition, and overall health and well-being



Drivers of food choice among school-aged children in Fiji


Pic More Veg


Assistance to UNICEF to conduct a research on the food environment factors affecting young children, adolescents, and mothers’ diets in Fiji


Assistance to UNICEF to conduct a review of policies and programmes in prevention and management of all forms of malnutrition across all life stages in 14 Pacific Island Countries


Tala Rammal

Research assistant


Viola Lesi

Researcher and learning expert


Mere Nailatikau

Communications, Research Consultant

Projects: UNICEF

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