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How to ensure child nutrition in an era of rapid urbanization

For the first time in human history, more than half of the earth’s population lives…
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Why data must tie together food security and gender equality

Today, 150 million more women than men are food insecure globally, and the gap is…
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How urbanization impacts child nutrition

Around the world, people are moving into cities at an unprecedented rate. In 2007, the…
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The gendered impacts of the War in Ukraine on global food security

The War in Ukraine has had devastating impacts on global food security. There is a…
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The success of school nutrition programs in Cambodia

Around the world, millions of children go to school every day on an empty stomach.…
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How to improve data on child nutrition

Right now, one child is being pushed into severe, life-threatening malnutrition every minute. Globally, nearly…
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How to increase the availability of healthy diets worldwide

All around the world, malnutrition is on the rise. 828 million people were affected by…
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Breaking down Dikoda’s urban food system analysis in Asia with the WFP

Over 1 billion people currently face food insecurity in Asia-Pacific. The reason for this shocking…
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Update: The War in Ukraine and Food Security in Asia-Pacific

The outbreak of war between Russia and the Ukraine in February of 2022 sent global…
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What we learned at the Asia-Pacific Symposium on Agrifood Systems Transformation

There is no way to sugarcoat it – the COVID pandemic exposed a shocking lack…
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From the latest research on malnutrition tocutting-edge developments in data gathering and policy implementation, we sharenews and views here so you can stay up to date and be inspired by ambitiousdevelopments in our sector.  We covereverything from health and nutrition to food security, sanitation, hygiene andmaternal and infant feeding, creating a useful resource on malnutrition inurban areas that you can visit time and again.

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