Viola Lesi

Researcher and learning expert

Region: Pacific

Viola Lesi is first year PhD candidate via a research collaboration between the Fiji National University in Fiji and University of Otago in New Zealand. Her research will focus on the indigenous iTaukei foods in Fiji; the diversity, socio-cultural connections, narrative/stories, health properties and nutritional profiles towards the development of a database of indigenous foods in Fiji.
She has over twenty years of work experience mainly within the education and food science (analytical) field and within the last 5 years branching out to development work in Fiji and the Pacific.



Drivers of food choice among school-aged children in Fiji


Technical assistance services to the Nutrition Select Committee in Kiribati Parliament


Pic More Veg


Assistance to UNICEF to conduct a research on the food environment factors affecting young children, adolescents, and mothers’ diets in Fiji


Assistance to UNICEF to conduct a review of policies and programmes in prevention and management of all forms of malnutrition across all life stages in 14 Pacific Island Countries


Technical assistance for nutrition sensitive intervention in the workplace in Myanmar for Sequa



Asaeli Naika

National researcher

Projects: UNICEF

Vittoria Pasca

Nutrition Consultant

Projects: DIKODA

Mere Nailatikau

Communications, Research Consultant

Projects: UNICEF

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