Nutrition services within institutions

Children experiencing malnutrition have lowered cognitive and physical development, resulting in poor educational attainment. Studies show malnourished children earn 25% less as adults.

Governments, communities and development partners throughout Asia and the Pacific are working towards addressing various challenges relating to nutrition in schools: absence of feeding or supplementation programmes, unhealthy canteens, unhealthy nutritional environments

Schools are a vital touchpoint to access and learn about nutrition for children, teachers and caregivers. Through our varied expertise
and networks of professionals, Dikoda works with partners and collaborators throughout the region, providing technical assistance on:

  • Supporting the development of a nutrition environment assessment tool in Fiji to UNICEF Pacific
  • Developing recommendations and policies for all forms of malnutrition in the Pacific to UNICEF Pacific
  • Research on individual, social and food environment factors affecting young children, adolescents, and pregnant/lactating mothers’ diets in Fiji for UNICEF Pacific

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